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Live Review: Totally Unicorn, Batpiss, The Pinheads, Tim McMahon

14 May 2016 | 11:03 am | Brendan Delavere

"If the rest of Friday the 13th ends like a horror movie, then this reviewer enjoyed the party."

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Friday 13th, you can't not go out on Friday 13th. Horror movies always start with a party, before everyone gets chopped up, and what better party than with the champions of party, Totally Unicorn.

Former TU bassist Tim McMahon's opening set of country-tinged blues and folk was in stark contrast to his former band's hardcore antics, but with a bit of playful banter from mates, the good times were off to a swinging start.

The small stage at OAF could barely accommodate the football-sized team that is The Pinheads, with a couple of members spending the majority of the time on the floor amongst punters.

All dressed up in leopard print, space-aged fabrics and a banana costume, the seven-piece ripped into a set of spicy rock'n'roll, frontman Jez Player flailing about like a madman for the duration of the set.

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Third up, ballsy hard-rock trio and tour mates, Batpiss. The noise emanating from this three-piece would have you think there was a wall of Marshall amps behind them. They play rough gutter-rock — frantic riffing with little respect for their instruments. There were no bells and whistles here, just a massive sound and some heavy chops to go.

But the party doesn't start 'til Totally Unicorn walk in. Dressed in a shark costume, frontman Drew Gardner launched his burly self into the crowd from the first chord, spending much of the set swapping sweat with punters and dancing on tables.

Guitarists Kerim Erkin and Aaron Streatfield trade riffs and ridiculous chord progressions all night, while Mike Bennett on drums holds down a bottle of red wine.

A dedication to Parkway Drive for their latest single, Customer Service Station, garnered the largest response, during which Gardner led a group into the adjoining venue where Tijuana Cartel were playing, though the troupe were quickly ejected.

Ending the set with Cool Dads With Cool Sons, the song saw Tim McMahon guest on vocals and the band all crowdsurfing.

If the rest of Friday the 13th ends like a horror movie, then this reviewer enjoyed the party.