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Live Review: Tim Rogers & The Bamboos, Grace Barbe

29 February 2016 | 1:25 pm | Thomas Munday

"The singer-songwriter became a man possessed, waxing lyrical in between songs."

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Elizabeth Quay's carnival to their left, Perth's luminous cityscape to the right — perfect for Tim Rogers & The Bamboos to shake Chevron Festival Garden's foundations. The night kicked off with aplomb, with local rock-reggae hit Grace Barbe enticing a feisty crowd with eclectic, summery tunes fitting the occasion. The sell-out crowd, surviving the Gardens' balmy atmosphere, gave Tim Rogers and the Melbourne-based eight-piece ensemble The Bamboos a rapturous reception. Drenched in bright colours and smoke, the You Am I frontman, shrieking: "With the Bamboos, you just can't lose!", drove through an electrifying, pacy rendition of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Part of their national tour, Tim Rogers & The Bamboos lathered the frenzying Perth audience with tracks from debut album The Rules Of Attraction. Rogers — sporting a smart jacket, unbuttoned shirt, and maracas — let the notorious stage antics run wild. The singer-songwriter became a man possessed, waxing lyrical in between songs. His distinctive, high-pitched vocals and energetic stage presence gritted up Me And A Devil and The Rules Of Attraction. Rogers and The Bamboos' style, defining Australia's love of funk-rock and technicolour pop-jazz, balance nostalgia and ingenuity. Rogers and Bamboos' vocalist Kylie Auldist's chemistry is palpable, illuminated by a romantic rendition of Did I Wake You?.

Drinking from a red wine bottle, Rogers' kookiness propelled the crowd through zany renditions of tropical dance hits Handbrake and Lime Rickey. Fuelled by his sense of humour, Rogers waltzed through the crowd and screeched several expletives throughout Better Off Alone to the Bamboos' bemusement. The group showcased a spectacular array of talents and flourishes, with dynamic solos from trumpeter Ross Irwin and drummer Graeme Pogson. Taking the reigns during several numbers, Auldist brought a personal touch. Her captivating vocals intertwined with Rogers' grizzly tone during hearty ballads On Time and You Can't Kill A Man Twice.

Rogers waved his bandana, convulsed, and rattled throughout the set's second half, eventually catching his breath during a crowd-bopping rendition of Easy. Auldist almost stole the show, performing heart-thumping track The Truth before attempting to reign in Rogers' antics. The ensemble's encore did not disappoint, scoring deeper audience affection with extended-instrumental versions of I Got Burned, You Am I's Heavy Heart and Alice Clark's Never Did I Stop Loving You.

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