Tim & Eric

9 December 2015 | 6:58 pm | Daniel Cribb

"A show that flows perfectly."

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With a cult following at their disposal, the debut of Tim & Eric’s new live show was literally a religious experience.

Dressed in white gowns, sporting their own bible of sorts in Zone Theory, their second venture to Australia saw a more developed and diverse production on offer, which reflected the busy few years since the last time they visited the “beautiful bogans” in 2012.

While their maiden voyage was primarily focused on fan favourite Awesome Show, round two was a culmination of the exiting and broad strokes they’ve produced as of late, including the aforementioned book release and new TV show, Bedtime Stories, mixed with new songs, skits, slapstick and awkward crowd interaction.

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With little or no context, Tim Heidecker’s downright absurd mood swings and Eric Wareheim’s innocently filthy speech can come across as quite a puzzling feat. While seemingly random and chaotic on the surface, a closer look sees a show that flows perfectly.