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Live Review: Thirsty Merc, Martha Marlow

30 January 2014 | 10:40 am | Tamara Cullen

As a final farewell amidst cheers and applause, Thistlethwayte left us with a grin and a gem - “Keep in touch and we’ll see you on the highway”.

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The Coogee Diggers is the standard watering hole for the sun-soaked locals and provided a relaxed setting to enjoy some great summer live music. What was served up did not disappoint, as the Sydney crowd welcomed a rising female singer and an iconic Aussie rock band to begin the weekend one night early. The girl with the coolest name in Australian music, Martha Marlow, is making waves with her enchanting lyrics and adventurous sound that we are yet to hear on the radio. Playing some of her refreshing tracks such as Dust and Day Of The Roses , in between some witty banter, this folk singer should be on everyone's 'To See' list in 2014.

Bursting onstage to a roar of applause from the crowd came Thirsty Merc and their energy-packed hit, In the Summertime. Led by another awesomely-named frontman Rai Thistlethwayte, the band set the bar so high for the first song, it almost felt like an encore. The summer vibe was alive and well as they delved further into their setlist with singles such as Tommy And Krista, Mousetrap Heart and Someday Someday. While we haven't heard much on the airwaves from this award-winning group as of late, they certainly reminded the audience just how good they are with their catchy lyrics and vibrant sound.

Just as the crowd was in the palm of their hands, they gave out another musical treat when previous winner of The Voice, Karise Eden, shared the stage to sing a cover of Take A Load Off Annie. It was a commanding performance from the band with two incredible voices leading the crowd to sing along during the chorus.

For over an hour, the audience were treated to tracks from the band's previous albums and exposed to some truly heartfelt lyrics. With a few drinks in, the crowd was in their element and the atmosphere was electric. As the band left the stage, the audience was going nowhere. They wanted an encore, the band wanted an encore and after a few screams of “We love you Rai!”  Thistlethwayte and the band returned to sing the honest and raw track 20 Good Reasons. As a final farewell amidst cheers and applause, Thistlethwayte left us with a grin and a gem - “Keep in touch and we'll see you on the highway”. 

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