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Album Review: The Panics - Hole In Your Pocket

30 September 2016 | 3:28 pm | Ross Clelland

"The Panics still make records that seep into you."

There are many contradictions in The Panics' fifth album, but somehow they work.

Allowing for a five-year hiatus, they've settled back into a comfortable intricacy and intimacy - the sound still so identifiably theirs. As a band who exchanged coasts a decade ago, there's glances back through the heat haze recalling growing up in Perth's scrubby suburbia, even if viewed through memory and distance. They look outward and inward - Jae Laffer's individual warble is emotional whether musing if a relationship is Not Apart, Not Together or pondering the global warming debate through a personal prism in Weatherman. The Panics still make records that seep into you.