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Live Review: The Jungle Giants, Art Of Sleeping, Hockey Dad

14 September 2015 | 3:06 pm | Hannah Blackburn

"We're lost in the moment and the band take complete control."

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Arriving at Corner Hotel before the advertised doors open time, we see there's already a large queue wrapping itself around the building. Hockey Dad kick the night off with their chill vibes and surfy tunes. Running us through triple j faves Lull City and I Need A Woman, they finish on Seaweed, the most requested track, soon inviting Art Of Sleeping to the stage.

Art Of Sleeping prove they can hold their own and capture the whole crowd immediately. With lasers flying and crowds begging for more, you don't ever want to miss an opportunity to see this band.

Then finally our headliners arrive. The Jungle Giants have changed their sound since emerging three years ago and triple j has had their latest track, Kooky Eyes, which completely contrasts the sound of their previous songs, on high rotation. As a band, they've obviously grown and matured, settling comfortably into their newfound sound. The Jungle Giants offer the old goods, then subtly transition into their heavier rock material. Before we know it, they're belting the much-anticipated Kooky Eyes and everyone throws their bodies around in celebration. We're lost in the moment and the band take complete control. Just as soon as the party peaks, that's it — it's over — and they leave the stage. But, of course, as expected, they return for an encore, immediately diving into their classic, You've Got Something. Absolute banger. This venue captures their sound phenomenally, the crowd enthusiastically participating and the band delivering. Couldn't have asked for anything more.