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Live Review: Hard-Ons, Clowns, Flour

30 May 2016 | 12:44 pm | Mikaelie Evans

"De Silva jumps between the moshpit and stage, wooing the ladies upfront with his dancing ."

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A vibrated distortion of punk-rock jams begins the evening thanks to Flour. Joyous punters are fuelled by the Marshall amps and Orange stacks that make rhythms for some punks jumping around at the front of the crowd.

The intermission is welcomed with a Mudhoney album, which extends the grunge-punk tone for a while longer.

Clowns explode raucously into their set with high intensity. Their fast-paced madness welcomes Never Enough, which is followed up by some banter; it's the bass player’s birthday and celebrations are underway. Euthanise Me starts the moshing as Clowns frontman Stevie Williams jumps in and joins the action. The band make good use of the stage while showcasing their talents. The crowd is electrified by Clowns’ first show back in Australia after a European tour. Bringing their set to a close, Clowns farewell fans with high-fives and a request to, "Buy us a beer if ya want!"

Punters wander around outside (still looking for a ticket?), while fans inside welcome Hard-Ons to the stage. Missing You, Missing Me is among the opening songs and the audience chants along with the chorus. Moving quickly, Hard-Ons remove their tops and jam into a long instrumental, while guitarist Keish de Silva disappears momentarily before coming back dancing with quite the swagger. There's mention that it's also drummer Murray Ruse's birthday! The guys loosely announcing there will be an after-party back at their hotel.

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Busted sets the tone and soon Fuck Society is warmly welcomed. Heads bop quickly to the rhythm section’s fast pace. De Silva jumps between the moshpit and stage, wooing the ladies upfront with his dancing before bringing their set to a close.

Thankfully, Hard-Ons answer the audience’s cries for one more song with Where Did She Come From before finishing with Suck N' Swallow. There’s massive applause and cheers before we all shuffle out into the cold evening air.