Live Review: The Cairos, Noire, Yeevs

23 January 2016 | 11:30 am | Kassia Aksenov

"Let’s hope it’s a last tour reminiscent of old mate Johnny Farnham’s."

Yeevs were very high-school-band-esque in an adorable way. Halfway through their set they had technical difficulties, though they handled it well. Their latest piece, Rebound was lapped up by the crowd. Although Yeevs haven’t been together long they were noticeably in sync.

Noire have talent and good looks on their side, the kind of band you’d expect to see in a Parisian underground cool-kids-only club. Frontwoman Jessica Mincher is the glue holding this ensemble together, she’s the strength and has impeccable stage presence. Those Days went down well, in all its dreamy, airy essence. The Brighton Up Bar filled out as much as it could considering that awkward staircase in the middle. Noire polished their set off with track Baby Blue, those sweet melancholic tones swaying in the breeze.

After much anticipation The Cairos lit up the stage as frontman Alistar Richardson greeted us with an “Alrighty Sydney, let’s do this!” They played a few of their older tracks including Shame as the crowd sang along nostalgically. They then hit us with the more recent songs with newest release Love Don’t Feel Right eliciting a few “yews” from the enthusiastic punters. The Cairos then played We All Buy Stars, returning to the songs of their heyday. The saddest part about The Cairos’ recent revelation of calling it a day is that they’ve done the thing that most musicians are forever striving for, they’ve actually progressed as a band. Their new stuff is better than their old stuff, it’s tighter, it has depth, they’ve moved forward and it’s great! They ended with their track that was probably the biggest over the years, Obsession, reminding us further why we loved them so much. Let’s hope it’s a last tour reminiscent of old mate Johnny Farnham’s.