Album Review: Sydonia - 'Reality Kicks'

6 February 2014 | 9:17 pm | Staff Writer
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A brilliant local release.

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Melbourne alternative rockers Sydonia have managed to make themselves a big name in the Australian rock/metal scene since their inception. They have what many hope to gain - "respect". 2006's Debut album, 'Given To Destroyers,' proved to be a solid offering as the band went on to open for big acts including Slipknot and Lamb Of God and extensively tour Australia on their own.

With only one full length release and a handfull of EP's under their belt, the band is back in 2014 and as bold as ever with their second full length release, 'Reality Kicks.' Listeners will not be disappointed as Sydonia have continued to mix up their music with everything from elements of pop, rock and all the way to metal, there is a little something for every audience.

Starting with 'Here', which incorporates some pop and rock elements, it ultimately proving to be an addictive track. Other moments such as 'TL' also manage to have just the right amount of pop influence mixed with that catchy rock sound that makes a song, which will involuntarily leave you bobbing and jumping around. The balance is clear and the delivery precise.

If you are looking for something a bit heavier you don't need to stray far. 'Shame,' introduces a dense, screaming vocal style that compliments the remaining elements well.

'Reality Kicks' runs just over an hour long and while that might normally test your attention, this album manages to provide the right amount of diversity between songs that it makes you constantly wanting to know what's coming next.

While incorporating so many sounds into one record can often be a recipe for disaster as bands try too hard to reach every audience possible, this is not the case with Sydonia, as their newest album, 'Reality Kicks,' manages to execute all these different elements of genres coherently.

1. Here

2. Shame

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3. Reality Kicks

4. Drag You Out

5. Crash

6. TL

7. Sinner

8. Elbow

9. Nobodies

10. Words

11. Bacteria

12. Wheels

13. C13