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Album Review: Suicide Silence - 'You Can't Stop Me'

11 July 2014 | 5:57 pm | Staff Writer
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Although it can wear thin, this is an album you simply cannot miss.

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When it comes to a band like Suicide Silence, there's one thing that's guaranteed and this is mayhem; and latest release, 'You Can't Stop Me' is no exception.

With the prelude of '
M.A.L', it's about the only time you'll get to breathe before the band launches into forty minutes of pure insanity.


Blasting drums and bass that pound away on tracks like 'Ending is the Beginning' and 'Monster Within' are some of the tightest and heaviest sections this band has ever produced. Whie the rhythm section blares away, with the tight knit guitars, crammed with pitch harmonics and solos, accompanying it all. The two aspects fit brilliantly together to reach maximum impact and heaviness but the elephant in the room is no doubt new vocalist, Eddie Hermida, who is stepping into the shoes of the late Mitch Luker.


Many have questioned whether or not he can fulfil such a monumental position and step in for one of the most respected vocalists in the scene. The answer is a big fat fucking yes!


The new Suicide Silence screamer, although sounding different, feels very similar. That same heart and passion that Luker poured into his music is still rampant with Hermida, which will make any fan feel happy and secure.


The only issue is the same issue with EVERY deathcore album and that is repetition. It's deathcore, which means it's trapped in a box of blast beats and breakdowns, and solos. Although bands like Suicide Silence and Whitechapel can be heroes in their own box per se, the sounds can be a bit wearing at times after half an hour.

One the most intense bands has made one of the most intense albums of the year. After losing their frontman, the deathcore heavyweights are ready to wreak havoc on the world once more with blast beats, breakdowns and more blast beats! Suicide Silence are back on the market baby.

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1. M.A.L.
2. Inherit The Crown
3. Cease To Exist
4. Sacred Words
5. Control (feat. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher)
6. Warrior
7. You Can't Stop Me
8. Monster Within (feat. Greg Puciato)
9. We Have All Had Enough
10. Ending Is The Beginning
11. Don't Die
12. Ouroboros