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Album Review: Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence

20 February 2017 | 4:55 pm | Brendan Crabb

"Overall results are wildly uneven, albeit oddly fascinating."

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Extreme music devotees can be rather pedantic, but the fan entitlement which accompanied Suicide Silence's singles was staggering.

However, evaluating said tracks within the entire album's scope further emphasises the jarring shift from deathcore mosh merchants to pursuing the modern hard rock/nu-metal nostalgia crowd. Such radical overhauling — proliferation of Deftones-aping clean vocals (which clearly still require refining) and gloomy ambience included — takes cojones. There are fleeting nods to their past, although diehards may revolt after hearing Conformity's Slipknot-esque melancholy. Adjusting to Ross Robinson's raw but underdone production proves demanding too. Overall results are wildly uneven, albeit oddly fascinating.