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Album Review: Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter

10 February 2020 | 3:52 pm | Brendan Crabb

"This record should see some of the disenfranchised return to the fold."

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When you've incensed a significant chunk of fans to the extent they're petitioning against your album being released, well, it's not a sign of a career on track.

Metallers Suicide Silence's self-titled 2017 album drew the ire of devotees and critics. As much of a misfire as its Deftones-meets-Korn U-turn proved, they deserve some kudos for a bold attempt at reinvention. But given the members were so adamant about defending that record in the press, Become The Hunter's return to deathcore could be perceived, perhaps justifiably, as a frantic backpedal.

So while some will view these 11 tracks with cynicism, others will just be pleased the caustic vocals, bloody beatdowns and time-signature dissonance are present and correct again. In Hiding even flirts with the nu-metal groove prevalent during their era fronted by the late Mitch Lucker.

When Eddie Hermida screeches and grunts, “I need to kill to feel alive,” on Feel Alive, it's about as subtle as a flying mallet, but even naysayers should be feeling at home. Their previous sonic shift isn't entirely ignored: cuts like Love Me To Death retain some of the dirt under the fingernails of Suicide Silence. Skin Tight too seems a nod to that release. It's a moody and anguished primal scream hinting what said LP could have been, while also possessing guttural vocals and inciting mosh mayhem.

As far as modern death-metal goes, there's few surprises and tracks which feel safe, but overall this record should see some of the disenfranchised return to the fold.