Live Review: Seeker Lover Keeper, June Jones

30 September 2019 | 10:39 am | Stephen Munchenberg

"[T]he perfect music for introverts."

June Jones told us that she had been up since 5am as part of her journey to Adelaide for tonight’s show and was feeling surprisingly chipper, “like Steve Buscemi in Fargo”. She performed solo, with just keyboards and a basic backing track for most songs and held our attention well with intriguing songs and dry humour between tracks. She showcased songs off her album Diana, all of which received warm applause. Asking if we had any song requests she then commented that she had been receiving a lot of Cold Chisel requests on the tour. Someone shouted out Crocodile Rock and we almost got a rendition, before she launched into Look At You Go, her best song of the night.

Seeker Lover Keeper is of course made up of three amazing voices, Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and Sally Seltmann, who wore matching skirts. Seltmann opened on keyboards with the sublime Superstar, the opening track off their new album, Wild Seeds. The other women provided harmonies, before feedback jolted everyone, prompting Seltmann to joke that she’d just lost part of her eardrum. Throsby then performed Not Only I on guitar, backed by the full band, which for this tour consisted of Laurence Pike on drums and James Haselwood on bass. Blasko then provided lead vocals on One Way Or Another, a song not too far removed from her solo material. She professed to being unwell, but still sounded amazing.

Highlights included Blasko on Time To Myself, the uptempo Two Dreamers and fan favourites from their self-titled first album like Theme I and Even Though I’m A Woman. The interaction between the singers during the night was fun to watch. Blasko put Throsby off her game during the intro to I’m An Island by looking at her too intently “as a fan”. Their three voices worked together so perfectly it’s a shame they don’t tour more often. As if reading our minds, they apologised for taking eight years to get around to recording their second album.

A few walk-ins made their way into the show from the front bar. Early on, one such person drifted past us, loudly expressing her shock that the crowd was standing silently, stock-still and not dancing one bit. “This is music for introverts," she said. But she's right, Seeker Lover Keeper are the perfect music for introverts.