Schertler Unico Deluxe Acoustic Combo

25 March 2012 | 1:00 pm | Shannon Bourne

I am very much a stranger to acoustic amplification as I often just opt for a PA. So I was excited to find out what the positives might be to having an
acoustic amp.

This amplifier was designed with Swiss precision and behind its design is a man named Stephan Schertler who has spent 35 years in the business of reproducing acoustic signals, from professional transducers to these amps.

Upon picking up this amp, I was struck by the heaviness of it. Lucky there is a sturdy leather strap to help aid with
the task.


This is a feature packed product and can perform a multitude of tasks. Nothing really left wanting. Let me run through the features: 3 input channels that can handle all different sorts of pickup and microphone configurations, 3 output lines with multiple connections, a headphone jack with its own dedicated volume control, each one of the channels features a powerful 4 band EQ, 10 v and 48 v phantom power, master reverb and separate reverb controls for each channel, gain for each channel just add a little more girth to a weak signal and an overall master volume.

This is a 280watt fully optioned monster. Plugging in my acoustic guitar with a Sunrise magnetic pickup I was über impressed by the power and clarity of this amplifier. I was able to sculpt every aspect of the sound to meet my needs and then add in a little (or a lot) of reverb and the sound really filled out I can only imagine how huge this would sound with a power extension speaker plugged in. It could easily cope most comfortably in a pub environment, and you could have total control of your tonal parameters.  There is a Pure Class A DI out that can be sent to an external mixer if need be.

The one thing that struck me was how quiet and clean this amp runs. I am a fairly picky person when it comes to my tone so if I say I would feel quite comfortable taking this thing to every one of my gigs and run my vocals through it along with my magnetic/piezo blend for acoustic, it means I'm impressed.

The dedicated guitar channel features a “warm” switch that really helps fatten up a thin sounding piezo pickup and electric guitars sound clean and warm (jazz players rejoice!).

I never got to check out every feature but just from my limited time with this product, I can say that it really user friendly, built like a brick s*@thouse and powerful. Go and suss one out for yourselves!

$3499 RRP

The smaller, slightly less powerful David model is $2899 RRP