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Album Review: Sarah Blasko - Depth Of Field

23 February 2018 | 10:47 am | Carley Hall

"A beautifully rich and complex album."

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One is never quite sure what to expect when Sarah Blasko's creative spark flares; from her heavily blues-based debut in 2004, a rich cinematic turn for her second, What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have, tripping down the more orchestrated instrumental path in As Day Follows Night and then harking back to the 1980s with 2015's Eternal Return.

Having taken up residency at Campbelltown Arts Centre shortly after its release to begin work on this, her sixth studio album, it's any wonder what path Depth Of Field will lead us down.

Blasko hasn't tarried too far from her previous album, with a rich '80s synth-pop vein running throughout its ten tracks. But it's also dipped into some darker, more introspective territory this time around; something Blasko is apt to do with her stark word imagery and often-haunting, breathy warble. A Shot is awash with dim, sassy quips and Everybody Wants To Sin follows suit. But that's not to say there's little light to balance the shade; opener Phantom has some suave, offbeat drum-machine beats with buzzing synth swells and a readiness to love when the chance arrives, and Savour It reasons the negatives with some uplifting chord progressions.

Depth Of Field is a beautifully rich and complex album that sheds light on yet another facet of Miss Blasko.

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