Live Review: RUFUS, Bob Moses, Tora

9 May 2016 | 1:38 pm | Catherine Delpero

"...the standout highlight was the epic, nine-minute journey of 'Innerbloom'."

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A Saturday night gig in Hobart with one of Australia's biggest acts of the moment is a rare treat. The Hobart crowd are all too aware of this fact — they turned out in force for RUFUS, most of them early enough to see one or both support bands. They weren't about to waste the opportunity.

The Odeon was not quite prepared for the onslaught. The top balcony 'dress circle' area was set aside for under 18s and there were two definite problems. The first: everyone wanted to be downstairs for the action. 'Packed in like sardines' doesn't quite cover it. The second problem: everything sounded far superior upstairs. It's a hard admission to make, but there is such a thing as too much bass.

Opening act Tora are a lovely combination vibe-wise of James Blake and Glass Animals. They have fantastic energy, particularly during their closing track with about five singers providing layered vocals.

When Canadian duo Bob Moses took the stage the crowd were transported to a place called 'the new '90s'. Most of the crowd were either small kids or not born yet during that decade, so there's a level of romanticism present for that 'golden age of electronic dance music'. Glow sticks, glitter and girls wearing overalls and chokers appeared out of nowhere. Bob Moses are smoother than smooth — both guys are talented musicians, throwing in a bit cheesy funk into an otherwise cruisey, laidback set.

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The crowd was well and truly dancing (in what little personal space they had) when RUFUS began their set. The '90s vibes were overwhelming and we were taken to the next level of sunshine, rainbows, jubilation and lasers. Tracks from their latest release Bloom like Brighter and Like An Animal have given RUFUS a far more positive quality to their music — less chill, more dance anthem. While they closed the show with two huge hits Tonight and the first single from Bloom, You Were Right, the standout highlight was the epic, nine-minute journey of Innerbloom. It was a shut-your-eyes-and-float-away moment that caused people to hug strangers and smile till their faces ached. Well done RUFUS, a rare treat indeed.