Album Review: Royal Chant - The War Cry Of Failure

23 November 2015 | 2:57 pm | Chris Hayden

"[Spence] keeps his eye on the 'ten dollar hand jobs' and 'cheap cocaine'."

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With an expatriated drawl all the way from Port Macquarie by way of Utah, Royal Chant's main man Mark Spence deals in anthemic disillusion.

Dick Move opens the band's second record on Oxford Street as Spence kicks his can past punters and keeps his eye on the "ten dollar hand jobs" and "cheap cocaine". Previously living in a much grungier world, the newly slimmed-down three-piece attempt to leave Seattle behind in search of a hybrid of Violent Soho and The Pogues but, just like Shane McGowan's Guinness of choice, it can take a little while to settle.