Live Review: Queensland DMC Championships

26 August 2013 | 3:33 pm | Jann Angara

DJ J-Red fills the gaps again before tonight’ champ, Wil K The Baddest is announced winner, followed closely by DJ Keen, then Nikk-C

Prophet Rayza takes the mic and hits the floor to entertain tonight's early crowd of hip hop veterans, competitor supporters and the usual Lane happy weirdoes. Although his two opening songs are seemingly unappreciated at this early stage of the evening, it still sets the right vibe to warm up for the night's showcase of local live turntablism.

Brisbane pioneer and MC for the championships DJ Katch continues the mood with his tasteful selection of tracks from Australian hip hop to Mos Def. With second support Hope1 running late, he decides to start the battle, introducing the first competitor, who sets up for his six-minute set. Plotski One fidgets 'unstreamlessly' as he goes through some technical moves, all eyes and ears are on him and the close-up video screen of his hands on decks. Records drop onto the stage floor as he fumbles to fit in as much as he can in the allocated time. And while the crowd has been watching religiously trying to catch something to bump their heads to they still show some love, giving applause with no hint of heckling.

Next up is Nikk- C, who earlier was at the bar holding a single orange, asking for a knife to cut his fruit open “for sustenance, like soccer” because “he's not drinking yet”. The crowd is immediately entertained as Hermitude plays while he finishes setting up the second station. And it seems the fruit has worked for his pre-show nerves as he breezes through his set, using alternative tracks and going through his stylistic moves while engaging the audience with some hype moves. His showmanship and performance are well taken, from the sound of cheers and hands raised in the front row.

After a warm big-up and intro from Katch that already gets everyone excited, the night's feature DJ J-Red gets the Lane floor looking like it usually does on a Friday night. Sweaty boogiers fill the bar to quench their thirst as first lady of Brisbane beat-box Hope 1 prepares to take the mic. She kills her set amazingly, creating the sounds of tonight's competition with her own breath control and vocals while her fingers mimic those of the competitors. By this stage the venue has packed in and the party has well and truly started as everyone moves to make a giant circle for a B-Boy All Stars vintage show.

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Second half of the comp has Wil K the Baddist taking the decks. Shoes off and ear phones in he raises tonight's scratch game, utilising the entire station moving through his energy and speedy set. Just before time he pulls the ear phones off to give a little Pac lip sync performance, getting in those extra points that fit in well with the bounce of his set. Then last year's winner DJ Keen has all heads bumping with his mellower sounds, getting cheers and hands up moving almost perfectly from one to two while engaging the crowd with only his eyes.

DJ J-Red fills the gaps again before tonight' champ, Wil K The Baddest is announced winner, followed closely by DJ Keen, then Nikk-C.