Live Review: Pluto Jonze, Hey Geronimo, Little Odessa

26 August 2013 | 3:33 pm | Jazmine O’Sullivan

With an interesting and unique performance style, Jonze has no doubt earned himself a few new fans tonight – a job well done.

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Locals Little Odessa open proceedings tonight, performing to a minimal crowd on this school night. Despite the poor turnout, the boys bring copious amounts of energy to their performance – rocking and dancing, singing and screaming, dipping and diving – it's hard not to admire their vivacity and exuberance, despite the fact that the frontman's “crazy eyes” can sometimes be a little off-putting. Included in their set is the popular single, My Girl, as well as a cover of Elvis Costello's Pump It Up, which is a great song choice; however, their rendition doesn't quite hit the mark for the diehard Costello fans in the audience. 

Teen dream sensations Hey Geronimo are next to take the stage and keep the level of energy at a commendable level. The crowd size is much more respectable for these gentlemen, with many a dedicated fan-girl littering the front of the crowd, singing along with all the tunes and dancing up a storm. Pete Kilroy is a frontman to be reckoned with, having a clear rapport with and understanding of his audience, gaining looks of adoration from every direction. The group are joined by a guest trumpeter for some of the tracks, which really brings the party, adding an extra element of excitement and quirkiness to the performance. Tonight, Hey Geronimo grace us with tracks Carbon Affair and Why Don't We Do Something as well as their latest single, Lazer Gun Show, and a preview of a few tracks that are to feature on future releases.

Lachlan Nicolson, better known by his musical moniker Pluto Jonze, takes the stage which is now decked out with retro televisions and computer screens, which are a great match for the style of music he plays. He is solely responsible for all the elements of his recorded work,  everything from writing to production.  However, tonight he has enlisted the help of a small backing band to carry out the performance. The hugely successful and instantly recognisable track, Plastic Bag In A Hurricane, opens the set and is one of those infectious songs you can't help but bop along to, while further along in the set, Jonze performs Hispedangongajelanguiro (Capiche) – the Beck-inspired track from the debut album he is here to promote, Eject – in duet with a robotic voice, which really amps the crowd up and demonstrates his refined level of showmanship. After performing a cover of En Vogue's Don't Let Go (Love), the set is closed out with the title track from the album, which ends proceedings on a high note. With an interesting and unique performance style, Jonze has no doubt earned himself a few new fans tonight – a job well done.