Album Review: Pitbull - Globalization

16 December 2014 | 10:17 am | James d'Apice

"Selling out is rarely this much fun!"

It’s easy to be cynical. Pitbull’s shift from the street savant who fronted 2006’s El Mariel to animated-movie theme song composer has been swift.

The “eh oh!” chanting that once sounded like a steamy Miami night now sounds like an attempt to grab the ear of every 13 year old with a pair of headphones. Local has given way to international – Globalization indeed. And yet… Selling out is rarely this much fun! We Are One, the FIFA World Cup song, remains exciting; opener, Ah Leke, a dynamic, stop-start jam; Day Drinking is a faux country, semi-ska genre-hopper. Eh oh!