Album Review: Pennywise - 'All Or Nothing'

15 May 2012 | 11:45 am | Staff Writer
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Renewed and refreshed but sounding classic.

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When you have been a band as long as Pennywise, the idea of releasing your tenth record as the first with a brand new vocalist would be pretty daunting. The replacement of long-time and much loved vocalist Jim Lindberg with new vocalist Zoli Teglas prompted the band to put everything on the line and attempt to release the best album they were capable of, hence the title 'All Or Nothing.'

The question left for fans however is how the record, and new front man, stacks up against the groups finest moments. Straight away it is clear that with the exception of the new vocals, this is still the Pennywise we know and love, if anything the band sound more refreshed and energetic.

The title track opens the record with ferocious drumming, fast paced power chords and open melodic chorus lines and bridge sections, packaged together in a solid two and a half minutes. Teglas has an impressive range in his voice for a punk rock singer, which he experiments with, working with the dynamics of the songs.

Tracks like Revolution push "the message" whatever that is these days, with the lyrical content seeming a little predictable, luckily the sound makes this a non-issue as you are here for some solid punk rock and that's what you will get. A stand out moment comes with Let Us Hear Your Voice, opened by some quick guitar riffage and tight verses leading to a soaring catchy chorus line.

The recording quality itself is squeaky clean, maybe even a little too clean, but it does give the music a drive and intensity which compliments the songs. There seems to be a strong element of groove introduced to the music which adds a unique edge to the songs, especially in X Generation in which Teglas recognises the importance of his new role with lyrics like "They have been saying all along we're the X Generation, now it seems we're the voice of a nation."

Being the lucky Australian’s that we are we are treated to a bonus track, The Fallen, a fast paced, stomping anthem with a sing-a-long chorus.

Fans of Pennywise will no doubt hear, and appreciate, the renewed vigour in the band's sound which undoubtedly has a lot to do with the addition of Teglas. Possibly the most exciting thing about 'All Or Nothing' is its intent, a statement saying that Pennywise are going strong and will more than likely continue to do so for quite some time.

1. All Or Nothing

2. Waste Another Day

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3. Revolution

4. Stand Strong

5. Let Us Hear Your Voice

6. Seeing Red

7. Songs Of Sorrow

8. X Generation

9. We Have It All

10. Tomorrow

11. All Along

12. United

13. The Fallen