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Live Review: Bad China, The Hounds, The Longnecked Tosspots

14 August 2014 | 4:55 pm | Liam B

The third heat of Fat Shan's band comp

The Rosemount Hotel’s Four5Nine bar hosted Fat Shan Band Comp’s third heat, composed of four dedicated bands, a singer-songwriter and a rapper. MC and host of the comp Noah Skape presented interesting diction and a fresh personality. He also started off the night with his setlist, showcasing a diverse lyrical range and an authentic acoustic playing ability. Stressing folky rhythms, his stage presence aptly summarises his passion for music.

The second contender took to the stage bearing finesse and a charismatic aura – hip hop artist Hindley. His deep-cutting lyrics possessed a bona fide quality, copying and pasting life experiences onto paper. High definition, producing all his own music, Alex Hindley possesses an invaluable asset to aid future projects. His vocal retained great clarity throughout his performance, that included cleverly written love letter to an illness that made him stronger, I Was Not Magnificent.

The bar was filled with friends and various band members watching as The Longneck Tosspots replaced the former entry Oakland. The three-piece busted out a doomy kind of grunge-rock with wailing lyrics and good form. They had solid stage presence and even went so far as to wear similar clothing, a wardrobe coincidence perhaps? Their driving rhythms rocked the venue.

A classic title for any band in the blues-rock genre, The Hounds were stuck on the stage as, after setting up all four members’ equipment, keyboardist Glenn Tippett pleaded Hound members not to leave him trapped behind his cumbersome instrument while they went for a beer. Singer Jack Haynes sang his heart out – his uniquely deep, warm tone is well suited to their overall sound of effected guitar and sweet, steamy, organic organ solos.

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Last and most certainly not least, the crazy cats from Longneck returned to the stage as Bad China with an even crazier cat on vocals and guitar, Austin Rogers. Their super effect-heavy guitar swells over pacey drum beats and accompanying guitar and bass provided the fullest of sounds. Rogers has the most manic stage presence and a vocal to match. With only half a point difference The Hounds placed second and Bad China first, both returning for the semi-finals.