Album Review: No Trigger - 'Tycoon'

25 February 2012 | 4:37 pm | Staff Writer
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Back and better than ever.

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Weirdly enough, the cover art and title of No Trigger's latest record match the music perfectly, I can't explain how or why, they just do.

Their first full length record in six years, since 2006's 'Canyoneer,' 'Tycoon,' seems like it was worth the wait, with the group sounding more refined, a little more mature and better produced. Opener Maple Boy bursts with bright, energetic guitars that lead into a fast paced punk verse and melody heavy chorus. The band have improved on their dynamics, their use and inclusion of melody and their mix of punk rock, pop punk and hardcore flavours.

Checkmate is one of the more “pop punk” moments of the record but is saved from being too pretty by vocalist Tom Rheault's harsh yell, which works extremely well with the music throughout the entire record.

It is hard to go past drummer Mike Ciprari's performance on the album as he provides a solid punk rock drive which every now and then breaks out into something spectacular, especially in Department Of The Interior. A stand out is the catchy party song, Mountaineer, which sounds like a blend of Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals as the guitars and vocals wrestle for the melody crown.

Things slow down for the jazzy and unexpected introduction of New Brains before resuming the punk rock feel with some “whoa-ohs” in what is a slower but steady power jam. The record finishes off with Skyscrapers, a simple but effective track that turns out to be another highlight thanks to it's catchy verse lines, and Turn In My Throat, the record's longest and most relentless track, which ends with some more Ciprari drum brilliance.

Many gave up hope due to the huge gap between No Trigger records but 'Tycoon' is their finest release to date. Whilst the style does not vary drastically between tracks, the level of songwriting that the group are currently capable of ensures that there is never a boring moment, with enough sections to stay stuck in the mind.

1. Maple Boy

2. Dried Piss

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3. Windmill and Watertower

4. Checkmate

5. Department of the Interior

6. Mountaineer

7. Insider (Executive/Amputee)

8. New Brains

9. Permanent

10. Skyscrapers

11. Turn In My Throat