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Album Review: Nachtmystium - 'The World We Left Behind'

31 July 2014 | 11:38 am | Staff Writer
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Ending Nachtmystium's career on an extremely high note

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Nachtmystium have been through many line-up changes and many genre evolutions, now they have decided to call it quits but not without signing off with a bang. 'The World We Left Behind' is the final work from these Illinois heavy-hitters and it proves a powerful send off.

Beginning with a "thrash-y", almost three-minute long instrumental introduction, the swansong is off to a soaring start. It’s heavy and intricate, enjoyable if nothing else. The vocals that hit us in, 'Fireheart' are rough while the song's rapid tempo changes take the listener on a roller coaster of emotions.

'The World We Left Behind' has a dark quality to it but we also see Nachtmystium utilising some different pop sounds to give it that edge. The aforementioned Fireheart’ is moody and sinister while emanating upbeat influences. While pop and metal might sound like a dangerous path these guys have managed to real pull it off here.

The mixture of slow and lulling instrumentals with the harsh growls in songs such as ‘Voyager,’ gives the record a memorable quality. It is backed with some powerful rhythms and the guitar solo in ‘Voyager’ is simply the cherry on top.

It's quite a gloomy affair throughout until we reach ‘On The Other Side’, which offers uplifting lyrics and also another engaging guitar solo. ‘Epitaph For A Dying Star’ takes it down another notch and back to the doom and gloom, another hauntingly brilliant song.

The only disappointing thing about this full-length is that there will be no more.

'The World We Left Behind' sends Nachtmystium out in impressive fashion with its powerful rhythms, relentless guitar work and haunting vocals. The album encompasses the gritty black metal the band is known for while playing on new influences to create something memorable.

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1. Intrusion

2. Fireheart

3. Voyager

4. Into The Endless Abyss

5. In The Absence Of Existence

6. The World We Left Behind

7. Tear You Down

8. On The Other Side

9. Epitaph For A Dying Star