Album Review: Moose Blood - 'I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time'

20 October 2014 | 2:52 pm | Staff Writer
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Impressive debut full of bum outs and angst.

More Balance And Composure More Balance And Composure

'Cherry', the opening track of Moose Blood's debut full length record, sounds like what Coldplay could have been in the early days before heading down the super mainstream path. That's the first and prevailing impression.

These guys have taken the underground route. The chords are solemn, the vocals are on the verge of giving up, it's hopeless, it's miserable, but the vulnerability of the album makes it endearing and quite beautiful.

The band isn't offering any life rafts here. 'I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time,' is a wretched affair, sure the pace quickens and the guitars get louder, but the key driver of this record is sadness, all the way. 'I Hope Your Missing Me' channels some serious Balance & Composure, with the dual style Brand New-like vocals and the powerful, full toned guitars, the chorus explodes to make the Brand New (early days) comparison even more accurate.

The most hopeful sound of the record is the chorus line in 'Boston'. Bright and explosive, the guitar tones offer some small rays of sunshine that switches up the feel of the record at the half way point to make sure things don't get too stale. 'Pups' and 'Bukowski' are far more reckless, they sound like a younger band, there is more energy but still a sense of urgency in the vocals. It's almost as if the record is one gradual wake up, with energy and excitement building as it progresses.

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Lyrically, someone has really pissed these guys off, more than likely an ex-partner, as all of the songs replicate the exact feelings you would have after being dumped, hoping that the other person is as sad as you, regrets leaving you and can essentially go to hell.

The record closes on a slightly off tune, swaying number called 'I Hope You're Miserable', set to remind you that despite the playful nature of the music that came before it, this record is not a love letter, it's misery on tape with enough aggression to break you out of your sad funk.

Considering few bands have stepped up with worthy attempts to carry on the post-rock scene spearheaded by bands like Moving Mountains and Balance & Composure, Moose Blood's debut will keep those who enjoy said genres very happy. If you need to let out some negativity, these are your guys.

1. Cherry

2. Anyway

3. I Hope You're Missing Me

4. Chin Up

5. Boston

6. Gum

7. Pups

8. Swim Down

9. Bukowski

10. Kelly Kapowski

11. I Hope You're Miserable