Live Review: Missy Higgins, Meg Mac, Didirri, COTERIE

3 February 2020 | 3:24 pm | Shannon Pearce

"All-round Australian icon Missy Higgins was met with riotous applause."

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Perth-based band COTERIE had a delayed start due to issues with their bass amp. Lead singer Tyler Fisher kept the audience entertained with a little banter: “How many of you have heard of us before?” A select few people in the audience raised their hands and he laughed, “Awesome, seven people... Doesn’t make me nervous at all.” For those who hadn’t heard of COTERIE, it would not be long before the name was embedded in their brains. Fisher is something of a cross between Gang Of Youths' David Le’aupepe and Matt Corby, with his deep, soulful voice. The band rounded off their performance with an acoustic version of their song Stepping Stone, much to Fisher’s surprise. “I see that everyone’s put their instruments down, so I guess that means we’re going a cappella,” he announced. “If we sound bad, let’s all collectively blame the sound guy”. These four brothers exhibited raw, undeniable talent throughout their performance.

COTERIE set the bar high for the rest of the show and up-and-comer Didirri tried his best to meet it. He opened his set with his popular cover of The Monkees' Randy Scouse Git. The young singer has a phenomenal voice with a distinct Australian twang, showcased in his performance of his 2019 single Blue Mood Rising and I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head

Didirri @ Kings Park. Photo by Tashi Hall.

There was an influx of people on the dancefloor when Megan McInerney, otherwise known as Meg Mac, took to the stage. McInerney was dressed from head to toe in white, a stark contrast from her band who were wearing all black. She opened her set with the fourth track from her 2014 EP Megmac, Every Lie. Didirri joined McInerney on stage to perform Hope. When combined, their incredibly unique vocals were eerily beautiful as they echoed around the venue. Early on in her set, McInerney introduced her back-up singer as her sister Hannah. “I don’t think I’ve ever done a Meg Mac show without her by my side,” she told the crowd. It was truly heart-warming to see their relationship reflected on stage. They weren’t so focused on their performance that they were afraid to have fun together. 

Meg Mac @ Kings Park. Photo by Tashi Hall.

Beloved singer-songwriter and all-round Australian icon Missy Higgins was met with riotous applause when she came on stage. She performed a mix of old and new songs, opening with her 2004 track Katie, followed by Sweet Arms Of A Tune and Going North. Higgins made a lot of mistakes during her set, such as playing the wrong chord at the beginning of Sweet Arms Of A Tune and forgetting the lyrics to No Secrets. “It’s been a few months,” she said, “I’ve had babies on the brain.” But with each fumble, she just became more and more endearing. The audience was enthralled with her every word. Highlights of her set included 2004 megahit The Special Two and crowd-pleaser Steer. Higgins finished the night off with the ever-popular Scar, leaving the audience pining for more.

Missy Higgins @ Kings Park. Photo by Tashi Hall.

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