Live Review: Matt Corby - Metro Theatre

18 June 2012 | 5:53 pm | Marc Zanotti

The unbridled passion of Corby’s fans is just as endearing as the man himself.

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Opening up proceedings was Sydney folk duo We Are The Birdcage. Subtle and stripped back, their acoustic-based songs are lifted by effective harmonising. Armed with an assortment of sweet, charming tunes, the humble opening act appeased the still gathering crowd and settled them into an evening of engaging live music.

Melbourne-based six-piece Alpine's brand of ethereal indie-pop was perfectly placed on the bill, providing a more movable sound. Singers Phoebe Baker and Lou James both moved to the same music in their own way, offsetting each other in an entertaining fashion and demonstrating the danceability of Alpine's music. Closing on the crowd-pleasing Villages, Alpine left The Metro energised and eager for the headlining act.

While awaiting the arrival of Matt Corby, numerous 'oohs' were hooted out from the now capacity crowd in the vein of the opening vocals of his track, Brother. The anticipation was palpable and fortunately Corby and co. didn't keep fans waiting long. The gentle strums of Song For… opened the set but were drowned out by an overenthusiastic audience. Jovial 'shushes' rose up from various points in the room and were met with a brief collective giggle before the crowd quietened down.

The settled reverence didn't last long though as the crowd erupted with applause once the opening song was completed. The unbridled passion of Corby's fans is just as endearing as the man himself. Winter proved to be a powerfully apt ballad considering the time of year. Corby howled “Winter is coming way too soon” and seemingly invoked the season, creating goose bumps with his moving performance.

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Monster single, Brother, was effectively delivered about mid-set. The placement helped keep casual fans engaged and by not making it the obvious closer, showed Corby's desire to not be defined by one hit – and nor should he be. With such a powerful vocal range and stirring sound, it seems simply a matter of time until Corby has honed his craft to an elite level.

After a swift break, Corby returned with a shot to salute the fans. The plucky jig, My False, was the encore and saw Alpine reappear onstage for some spirited dancing to close out the show. Corby and band put on a concise and evocative performance, displaying solid showmanship and leaving the crowd wanting more.