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Live Review: Kat Wilson, Curtis McEntee, The Insatiables

2 September 2014 | 2:05 pm | Liam B

Kat Wilson leads a blissful night at Mojo's Bar.

The night was bliss as punters entered Mojo’s Bar. The first band up were pop rock outfit The Insatiables, a four-piece willing to share their creativity with their crowd by dressing the stage with dreamcatchers.

Vix Arrowsmith’s arpeggiated riffs seemed to accompany the bass and absolutely booming tom beats with elegance, allowing singer Cathii Hoare to showcase her dynamic, powerful vocal. The group had heaps of fun and stated that they will dearly miss the company of their touring mates.

After the full sound of a four-piece, it was nice to hear singer-songwriter Curtis McEntee play his emotively written pop folk tunes as a solo act on the Sea Legs tour. He covered Passenger’s Heart’s On Fire and also played all four songs from his new EP, Narcissus.

His stage presence is full of comedic value – he appeared to take on the role as Emu Export’s ambassador when he stated that he needed to soothe his throat between songs with the finest lubricant in Australia.

Kat Wilson’s coastal blues mixed with a pop edge has created a very likeable quality and their playful nature on stage left you feeling fulfilled and wanting more. The family and friends involved showed them great support all throughout the show and joined in with their little dances.

One song was dedicated to guitarist Dan Berne’s unborn child, referred to as ‘peanut’ by Katie Wilson. Bassist Tama Rima’s soul grooves coexisting with drummer Ben Winstanley’s rolling tom rhythms presented the bar with a very danceable atmosphere.