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Album Review: Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts - Manhattan

27 October 2015 | 10:04 am | Roshan Clerke

"We're reminded just how sneakily profound this man can be."

Singer-songwriter and comic artist Jeffrey Lewis' latest album is a charming portrait of Manhattan.

The lifelong New York resident is an overt participant in these observations, continuously appealing to our innermost fears. "Please don't be myself from the future," he sings about a nightmare-plagued neighbour on Sad Screaming Old Man, while Outta Town finds him in a similar moment of vibrant vulnerability. However, it's during the album's quietest moments that Lewis delves into his truest self-examination. "It hurts to know I can't have the perfect things I don't want," he sings on Thunderstorm, as we're reminded just how sneakily profound this man can be.