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Live Review: Infected Mushroom, Mattiecee, Jeevan, Jason Duffan & Magickfox

25 February 2015 | 4:46 pm | Joseph Wilson

The Israeli trance band deliver an "explosion of psytrance and a wave of multi-instrumentals" at their Perth gig.

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Israeli psytrance heavyweights Infected Mushroom came to Perth on their Friends On Mushrooms album tour.

A band known for naming many of their albums and tours with mushroom-related puns, you could say that you had to be a ‘fungi’ to enjoy the night. Supported by talented DJs from Australia and overseas, many dank beats were to be heard at the blinding nightclub. With two stages laid out inside the main room and side room, punters had a wide selection of choices as to which kind of EDM artist they could dance to.

The night kicked off with local DJs MagickFox and Jason Duffin both putting their rhythmic skills to the test. With the crowd starting to condense around the main stage, Magickfox pulled off some cheeky drops to which the punters reacted in pure delight. With a music style reminiscent of the old ‘90s house DJs enamoured with old school hip hop, MagickFox contrasted greatly with Duffin, whose line-up leaned towards the more modern contemporary side of house with samples from many modern hits. With the skillset of both DJs equal, only age bias could make Jason Duffin the winner of the set.

Perth-based Swiss DJ Jeevan was up next; he provided the crowd with a pulsating beat that made Metro City almost feel like a Euro club. His mix was oddly chill, having a benign feel. The sound didn’t confront you in a rhythmic daze, but gently flowed over you. After spending an hour inducing the entire crowd into a hypnotic state, Jeevan left the stage and let Mattiecee take the helm. Mattiecee threw the night into a more chaotic state with deeper drops and a darker, harrowing tone.

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Infected Mushroom’s set began with an explosion of psytrance and a wave of multi-instrumentals.  With duo Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani both determined to shake the crowd to the very core, much of their set consisted of material from their most recent album Friends On Mushrooms. ‘A confused stupor’ is one way to describe the way some punters danced, but they enjoyed the music nonetheless, the duo never ceasing to amaze or disappoint, as they provided a vibrant variety of raspy electronic music to accompany a glitzy Friday night out at Metro City.