Album Review: I, Omega - 'Transients'

28 July 2014 | 5:18 pm | Staff Writer
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Shredding guitars and the raw emotion of this album makes for a memorable one.

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Los Angeles' I, Omega have set out to make something unique and technical with new album, ‘Transients'.  Described as bringing ‘shredding guitars with fast, upbeat drumming, beefy bass lines, and vocals ranging from angelic to devilish, all with a punk rock attitude,’ even the impartial would have to agree with the assertions.

Starting off with a short yet powerful and hard hitting 40 second introduction, big guitars and even bigger vocals greet the ears. The guitars really shine early as evidenced on the second track, showing off some of the ‘technical ability’ the band confidently claimed to address. Essentially, 'Transients' combines harsh growls with higher clean vocals, which work well together, but do feel a little overpowered by the instrumental elements.

‘Suffer Now and Live’ is one that packs a real punch with an absolutely pummelling, heavy outburst. Equally, the vocals feel very honest and jam packed with emotion.

‘The Rustling’ is another highlight - it's completely heavy and beastly while packing some fast and engaging riffs. ‘Pyrite’, in contrast, is the refresher - a little simpler and slower.

Closing track,En Longa Somnum (Act. III),’ brings it down with something even slower. It’s different to the rest of the album yet it works really well.

'Transients' hits its intended marks. There's direction and purpose. Progressive metal can get messy with many involved musical ideas often competing. This full-length seems to remain balanced though.

'Transients' is an album with a lot of attitude and overall I, Omega manage to live up to their claims. Whether this could be considered fresh or unique we're not so sure, but there is no denying that this record is thoroughly enjoyable.

1. Conflict Absolution (Act. I)

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2. An Evening With Morning Star (Act. II)

3. Shuddering At Calm Seas

4. Suffer Now And Live

5. Half Way Home

6. The Rustling

7. Pyrite

8. Fake Somebodies Real Nobodies

9. Shaking Hands With Sinatra

10. En Longa Somnum (Act. III)