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Hannah Gadsby: The Exhibitionist

2 April 2014 | 1:02 pm | Ella Mittas

"Gadsby certainly knows what’s funny, her material’s witty and informed."

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Hannah Gadsby's The Exhibitionist takes the audience on a journey about the art of the selfie. From snapshots of Gadsby's awkward adolescence to classical portraits of historical figurers, not a single shot was left unscathed as she flicked through a slideshow behind her. In Gadsby's trademark self-deprecating style, the audience is shown a number of unfortunate photos of her, most of them too unflattering to believe. The show's entertaining enough: Gadsby certainly knows what's funny, her material's witty and informed – she has degree in art history that came through in the discussions about classic painting – however, her segues are a little clumsy, some of the puns a little obvious. 

Town Hall: Supper Room to 20 Apr