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Live Review: Good Boy, Househats, Gamjee

2 April 2018 | 10:40 am | Yaminah Willcox

"The chorus of people singing along and jumping around shirtless with their fists in the air is a good indication that the crowd is having a good time."

More Good Boy More Good Boy

Renowned for its dingy yet fun vibes, Yah Yah's is in for a real treat. With Brisbane's Good Boy headlining the night, you can count on it being a good time.

It's adding up to be a Good Friday indeed as Melbourne-based five-piece Gamjee take to the stage and play to a small yet stoked crowd. Their relaxed yet punky vibe gets the room moving and everyone is in the mood for some soft head-banging. The crowd is made up of a majority of long-haired boys ready to let loose, but the females in the room aren't scared to get amongst it.

As things start to heat up, literally and figuratively, another Melbourne band by the name of Househats take to the stage. With a slightly more indie-pop sound, they really get the crowd jumping and body-slamming into each other, as seems to be the thing to do at gigs these days. Their new single Stop is a hit, getting everyone pumped for what's to come. Househats have a very distinct Australian sound and are definitely ones to watch in the coming months.

When Good Boy take the stage we're all as ready as can be and the dance moves are busted out. Songs from their latest EP Shirk Life are well-received and the chorus of people singing along and jumping around shirtless with their fists in the air is a good indication that the crowd is having a good time. They play crowd fave Poverty Line, which maybe hits a little too close to home for all the uni students in the room, while Transparency and Green Dress fuel singalongs and groovy dance moves. The four-day Easter long weekend has certainly kicked off in the best way possible at Yah Yah's, and for most of us here, will probably kick on in the same fashion.

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