Album Review: Glades - To Love You

30 October 2018 | 10:05 am | Emily Blackburn

"Openly authentic and raw at its core."

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Right from the start, the bubblegum pop melodies of Sydney’s Glades takes hold as Nervous Energy sets the stage for the group’s debut album To Love You.

Navigating the waters of various types and stages of love, the album mixes atmospheric layers of synth with slick guitar riffs that turn out tasty tune after tune. ARIA gold certified track Do Right shines next to the melodic Not About You as singer Karina Wykes' celestial vocal harmonies bring a soft edge to the bed of heavy synths and crashing beats.

Neon Buzz delivers us a taste of sweet electric young love that is contrasted immediately by Sweetheart, a powerful ballad about broken love that soars high until a ripping guitar solo really drives the track home. It’s these bites of soulful guitar we hear now and then that distinguish Glades from simply being electronic pop, it’s an edge that pushes their sound forward with authority and confidence.

There are instant goosebumps as Wykes nails a falsetto in Better Love, an emotive heart-on-your-sleeve track encapsulating real, honest and undying love with a powerful, crescendo chorus providing warmth and safety. To Love You is openly authentic and raw at its core, delivering the ups and downs of whirlwind loves with tracks you can’t help but dance along too.