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Live Review: Client Liason, Total Giovanni, Muki

4 September 2017 | 5:30 pm | Yaminah Willcox

"Client Liaison themselves led the wacky outfit trend, donning their trademark suits for the evening."

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Muki took to the stage first and warmed up the crowd with her funky tunes and made sure everyone was in the mood, and in the mood they were. A Sydney act described as "an explosion of pastel pink bubble gum, the sonic version of a bath in cream soda pop, while cotton candy bubbles detonate in your face", the crowd was well and truly warmed up with their dancing shoes on. The Odeon Theatre was packed fairly full and although the vibes are always different at theatre shows, it was still the same fun, sweaty, dancey Client Liaison gig the people of Hobart have come to know and love.

Total Giovanni took to the stage soon after and it would seem that their headlining counterparts have some friendly competition in the way of these guys. With very similar sounds and a high energy performance, the crowd was rearing and ready to go.

Back on the Apple Isle for the second time this year, Client Liaison rocked up ready for their biggest Hobart show to date. A venue change made for a much more enjoyable time all round, having ample room to move was a definite plus. The band kicked things off at around 10pm, nice and early so everyone could kick on at the after party that was being held upstairs. Everyone ensured that they had a drink in hand to limit trips to the bar mid-set and as cool refreshment among the sweaty dancing. Wacky moves were being pulled out left right and centre, accompanied by some equally wacky outfits. Client Liaison themselves led the outfit trend, donning their trademark suits for the evening and leading the way with a super high energy show.

Pulling out classics such as World Of Our Love, Off White Limousine, Canberra Won't Be Calling Tonight and Hotel Stay, the crowd was singing along and dancing the night away, once again more than happy with the proceedings of the evening. Catch the rest of their tour if you can, you won't regret it!

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