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Album Review: Circles - 'Infinitas'

27 October 2013 | 4:34 pm | Staff Writer
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Some of the best heavy music to come out this year.

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Fantastic from start to finish, 'Infinitas' packs a hell of a punch. Sounding kind of like Sevendust if they played djent, Circles have set themselves apart from the hordes of similar acts with their innovative approach, particularly in the vocal department.

Right from the very beginning, 'Infinitas' draws you straight in with opening track 'Erased'. Featuring flute and tribal drums during the intro, it starts soft and builds gorgeously, serving as a brilliant opener for the album. Once the full band comes in and dives into the rest of the track it's difficult not to get hooked. And it only gets better from there.

One of the most notable aspects of this record is the band's understated use of harsh vocals. Frontman Perry Kakridas has a superb voice and the decision to use clean vocals almost exclusively is a wise one, being one of the main factors that separates Circles from similar bands. Kakridas covers an impressive range of pitch and has a timbre so smooth it'd make Sinatra sweat. When he does make use of his gutturals however, they are simply monstrous.

Not to be outdone, the rest of the instrumentation is superb. Beautiful melodies and well-written, heavy-as-balls riffs abound on every track, as well as a fair share of softer moments for good measure. There's also some electronic elements to be found, which are used sparingly, injecting just the right amount into the music.

From the catchy hooks to the terrific vocals and everything in between, 'Infinitas' is a truly great album in every regard.

'Infinitas' is a genuinely unique record within a genre that's certainly beginning to grind lately. With a refreshing approach to vocals and hard-hitting songwriting, this band is setting a bar for local heavy music. It would be a real shame to pass up this album.

1. Erased

2. On My Way

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3. As it is Above

4. So it is Below

5. Another Me

6. Ground Shift

7. Responses

8. Visions

9. Radiant

10. Wheels in Motion

11. The Signal

12. Verum Infiniti