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Live Review: Chairlift, The Harpoons, Confidence Man

8 December 2016 | 2:55 pm | Michael Prebeg

"The USA is a scary place to go back to at the moment."

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Confidence Man set a very high benchmark early on and, just as their name suggests, it's all about the confidence, man. The foursome are pretty self-assured. Their groove-inducing abilities impress as the two singers, Janet Planet and Sugar Bones, flail their arms and perform a choreographed dance routine. We make our way up to the front and join in, mimicking their energetic moves. The band members present funky keyboards and drums, all while mysteriously masking their identities (although we know Confidence Man comprises members from The Belligerents, Moses Gunn Collective and The Jungle Giants)We all get down low before jumping up for a continuous boogie during their single, Boyfriend (Repeat). We're hooked and we can't stop dancing.

Everyone takes a moment to catch their breath before The Harpoons mix up the pace. Thankfully, they start off a bit slower and gradually build up to a steady groove. Lead singer Bec Rigby supplies heartbreaking, soulful vocals wrapped around a smooth blend of R&B and pop. They share their next single and impressively perform their hits Falling For You and Unforgettable.

"Look up, hey!" shouts Caroline Polachek. It's been four years since Chairlift were last in Australia and since then they've released their third full-length album, Moth. Contrasting this album title, tonight Polachek looks more like a majestic butterfly draped in a silken fuchsia outfit. She floats around the stage with her long, flowing sleeves and whips her ponytail around to the group's quirky electro-pop hits. Multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wimberly changes between drums and guitars while the band's touring members help out on keyboards and saxophone. Polachek's effortless falsetto stands out on a love song titled Unfinished Business. She conveys powerful raw emotion and vulnerability, which makes us feel deeply connected to their music. The crowd comes alive for the undeniably catchy Amanaemonesia and we all join in for the contagious chorus.

After explaining the band are scheduled to fly back home in about seven hours, Polachek tells us they're seriously considering changing their tickets because they don't want to leave. "The USA is a scary place to go back to at the moment," she says. We share a moment of solidarity and sway together during the sincere Crying In Public. The Harpoons and Confidence Man join Chairlift for an onstage party during Moth To The Flame. An encore of their most recent song Get Real is an unfamiliar bonus before Ch-Ching sounds the horn sirens and strikes the final jackpot.

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