Live Review: Boyz II Men

13 October 2015 | 1:10 pm | Tobias Handke

"Any fears Boyz II Men might not be up to scratch were quickly put to rest during their opening melody."

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It's hard to believe Boyz II Men are still out there doing their thing. Not only did they lose a member (Michael McCary retired due to scoliosis) but their recent output hasn't lived up to their legend. None of this seemed to worry the fanatical crowd who packed out Thebarton Theatre in anticipation for their Adelaide return.

Any fears Boyz II Men might not be up to scratch were quickly put to rest during their opening melody, with the energetic Motownphilly, complete with '90s boy band dance moves a highlight. From then on it was a cavalcade of hits (Water Runs Dry, A Song For Mama), new tunes (the best being the FutureSex/LoveSounds-era Justin Timberlake copy Losing Sleep) and interesting covers, including Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, Bob Marley's Jammin' and The Beatles' Come Together.

It's obvious the reason for Boyz II Men's longevity isn't just great songs but the vocal qualities of each member. There's founder Nathan Morris' booming baritone, his brother Wanya Morris' soulful tenor and Shaw Stockman's blissful falsetto, each great in their own right but tremendous together. Their harmonies were to die for, complementing each other in ways One Direction could only dream of.

After the covers (which saw Nathan on bass and Stockman on guitar) and a few new tunes from 2014's Collide, Boyz II Men delivered their biggest hits, with the screaming female audience singing along to End Of The Road and the aforementioned Water Runs Dry. I'll Make Love To You was a real treat for fans down the front as the three handed out roses to lucky audience members before ending with another rendition of Motownphilly.

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They might not be as commercially popular as their heyday, but Boyz II Men delivered an evening of classic R&B that left those in attendance knowing they'd just witnessed greatness.