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Live Review: Boyz II Men

13 October 2015 | 1:21 pm | Charmaine de Souza

"It was a wonderful night for nostalgia, with fans leaving the venue with their teenage dreams fulfilled."

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It had been a hot lil' minute since '90s sensation Boyz II Men last graced Australian shores, but that didn't stop fans from coming in droves to see the trio perform a plethora of their most iconic hits. The queue spread out well past Metro City's grounds, which was a clear indicator that this night was going to be massive. A couple of DJs welcomed punters with some classic R&B as they made their way into the venue, immediately setting off everybody's nostalgic feels.

After almost two and a half hours, the Boyz we'd all been waiting for finally hit the stage, fans already screaming as loudly as they could. What followed next can only be described as an explosion of angelic harmonies and seriously smooth synchronised dancing.

Shawn Stockman elicited cries of "he's so cute!" as he played the dedicated showman. The man had a flair for theatrics, falling down to his knees for the aptly titled On Bended Knee. He frequently showcased his heavenly falsetto, which only got the crowd even more worked up.

Wanya Morris brought runs for days, particularly in stand out track It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday. Morris sang with conviction and a sincerity that's severely lacking in modern performers. Every single note that came out of his mouth was pitch perfect, and the crowd made sure that they made their approval heard.

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Baritone Nathan Morris's velvety vocals were an instant hit with the ladies. His deep, honey-laden voice was melting hearts all over the venue — this reviewer's willing to bet that he could elicit coos just by reading the phonebook.

The trio meshed brilliantly together — a clear sign that they hadn't lost an ounce of their talent over the years. Fans grooved along to hits like Motownphilly, while I'll Make Love To You had everyone cuddling up next to their special someones. The guys would bust out some sleek synchronised moves every now and then, proving once and for all that there ain't no shame in being in a boy band — as long as you're good at it.

All in all, it was a wonderful night for nostalgia, with fans leaving the venue with their teenage dreams fulfilled. Here's hoping the Boyz won't wait quite as long for their next visit.