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Live Review: Bleeding Knees Club, Together PANGEA, VOIID

2 April 2018 | 10:40 am | Yaminah Willcox

"Excited youths with enough energy for one more night of partying pile into Northcote Social Club with high hopes and beers in hand."

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On the holiest of Sundays, excited youths with enough energy for one more night of partying pile into Northcote Social Club with high hopes and beers in hand. Brisbane's VOIID kick things off with a sound self-described as a "four-piece of hellish girl-shriek" that's "guaranteed to make your face melt and your boyfriend cry", and that they do. Although no faces literally melt, they turn up the heat as they set the tone for the night. A decent crowd show the girls some love and really get into the feel of it. 

US-based quartet Together PANGEA are up next and their surfy rock'n'roll sound is the perfect addition to the line-up. They play favourites from their latest album, 2017's Bulls And Roosters, along with an eclectic combination of old songs. It's good-paced rock'n'roll that gets the already sweaty crowd moving, but opens itself up to a more relaxed vibe at the back of the room should you choose it. Their set is energetic and engaging, making the room even more excited for the main event.

When Bleeding Knees Club jump up the room is packed and people are ready to party for just that little bit longer. Their 'no cares given' attitude shows through as people crowd surf and bodyslam their way through the set. As with most surf-punk gigs these days the token group of shirtless, long-haired yahoos are up front spilling beer and having the time of their lives while others stand back where there's more room to comfortably shake it. Old and new favourites such as Teenage Girls, Chew The Gum, Girls Can Do Anything and Beach Slut are incredibly well received, judging by the amount of singing/yelling going on. Bleeding Knees Club always put on an energetic and exciting show that leaves you buzzing long after curtains, and tonight is no exception. Without a doubt many in attendance are grateful for the extra day to recover after a perfect end to the four-day weekend.