Live Review: Ben Salter, Buddy Glass, Weak Boys

28 July 2015 | 5:14 pm | Deborah Jackson

"The crowd stood to attention and soaked up the timeless Australian music."

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The launch of Ben Salter's new album, The Stars My Destination, had a real grassroots feel to it.

Four-piece Imperial Broads kicked off the night, delivering a mix of loud, messy pop/garage beats in a set not without its hiccups. But despite a guitar malfunction for one girl, another's voice barely audible over the music and another not knowing the set list, the act was well received.

As each new act took the stage the eclectic crowd steadily doubled in size and enthusiasm. Weak Boys proved a highlight of the night, delivering a tight set laced with some new songs. "I think this is the first time we've ever played new songs — soak it up, people." The fun they were having onstage was infectious, and even another guitar malfunction mid-set didn't detract from what was a great performance with fantastic crowd involvement, the guys even copping a bit of heckling from Salter from his post at a makeshift merch table side stage.

Next up the Buddy Glass band delivered a completely different vibe to the 'fuck the police, fuck politicians and fuck the world' vibe that Weak Boys had thrown down, but the large contingent of fans/friends the band had brought with them seemed to enjoy it.

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When at long last Ben Salter was relieved of his merchandising duties and took the stage, the buzz in the room was starting to take off; whether that was from the music or the beers, the atmosphere definitely lifted a notch. Backed by a four-piece band, as Salter delivered songs from his new album, the crowd stood to attention and soaked up the timeless Australian music, his gravelly voice the result of liquor, cigarettes and a life well lived.