Comedy Shack at Rigby's Bar

26 October 2015 | 9:40 am | Jonathon Denholm

"The combination of a well set up room and quality comedy acts made it well worth the ticket price."

It was this reviewer's first time heading to the Comedy Shack at Rigby's Bar for comedy fun times and was surprised at just how nice the venue was. It was cosy with low ceilings which are great for creating atmosphere, the food was good and the service was quick. But that's not what you're here to read: let's talk comedy.

Our MC for this evening was Colin Ebsworth, whose upbeat 'zizzle zazzles' were amazing and it was exactly what the crowd needed to stay warm all night as he guided us through a series of quality support acts.

First up was Reuben Hunter, and it was great to see him do some new jokes. He's stepped his witty word play up to the next level. Next support was Bec Charlwood —  the audience loved her tragic tales of break-ups and blow jobs. Our third support was Tshaka Tshaks visiting from Melbourne; he graced the stage with some impressive crowd work.

With two more supports to go before the break the crowd was really getting into the rhythm of the night and Ivan Aristeguieta took full advantage. It was strange to see Aristeguieta on stage with no hat but it didn't impact the quality of his jokes. He didn't miss a single beat throughout his whole set. The final support was Sami Shah who walked us through the finer and funnier points of living in rural WA. Shah is always hilarious and tonight was no exception.

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After the break it was time for the headline act Ben Darsow. His crowd work is some of the best in the business and tonight was better than most. But like a true master of comedy he always had the perfect bit to follow it up. His anecdotal style of comedy was only bested by the quality of his stories.

Overall it was a superb night of comedy. The combination of a well set up room and quality comedy acts made it well worth the ticket price.