Live Review: Basement, Turnover, Break Even, Hindsight

2 June 2016 | 4:56 pm | Will Oakeshott

"Their soundcheck alone incited a frenzy."

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This is probably not going to come as a shock to many, but generally a Monday night in Adelaide is not an evening where one would encounter a thriving 'nightlife'. Not that there is an issue with this, Adelaide is not the city that never sleeps. However, any visitor to our fine town would have been completely overwhelmed by what was greeting them at Fowlers Live — a mass assembly of youthful punk fanatics. It would seem in the case of the headline act, distance did make the world's heart grow fonder (more on that later).

Adelaide's emotional hardcore kids Hindsight opened the event, to the delight of the mammoth audience. The quintet were rampant, tearing up the reduced stage without hesitation. They were clearly inspired by current leaders of the genre such as Defeater, to a lesser extent La Dispute and early Pianos Become The Teeth. Loveover was nearly disturbing as an anthem for the pained, love-scorned youths who screamed it louder than crazed frontman Jack Nelligan could. As a result he decided that launching himself over the barrier to his willing onlookers was the best way to perform the song.

Perth's Break Even could have headed this entire tour considering their age and extensive Australian tour experience. Vocalist Mark Bawden has no issue expressing himself on stage, through his lyrics and between-song banter. It is inspirational and compelling how he transforms his identity and showcases vulnerability. When the (rather different looking) emotional hardcore outfit took to the stage, they were sadly greeted with less enthusiasm than the prior act. Undeterred, the quartet pushed on and blasted observers with The Truth, Heart Shaped House and Run For Your Life. This barely shifted the watchers' stoic attitude. Hell's Gates had a few singing along but was perhaps a little docile, a vibe that carried through Trouble Maker and Young And Bright. October 27th finally injected energy into the venue and November 18th maintained this to a degree.

Virginia's Turnover completely altered Fowlers Live. This was no longer a hardcore show, or even a punk show; it had become a placid, dreamy, emotional, indie-alt-pop-rock show. Just a few notes into New Scream a collective 'swoon' was felt throughout the venue. Dizzy On The Comedown and Diazepam continued this sentiment but thankfully Take My Head added a rockier edge, some rather gruesome lyrics and even a crowdsurfer (who would return many times). It was surprising to see the following these four men have garnered in Australia. Hello Euphoria, I Would Hate You If I Could, Humblest Pleasures, Like Slow Disappearing, Humming and clear favourite Cutting My Fingers Off provoked calm hysteria. It was peculiar but delightful.

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It was time for another energy shift and the UK's recently reunited Basement were grunge-pop-punk band to do it. Their soundcheck alone incited a frenzy — but when Whole began, so did the insanity. Crowdsurfers sailed through the air by the dozens, an ocean of bouncing bodies pressed up to the barrier, their voices drowning out the five-piece. Aquasun, Fading, Bad Apple, Spoiled and the experimental For You The Moon exploded while vocalist Andrew Fisher did his bizarre jangly hopping dance moves. Earl Grey and Brother's Keeper sustained the energy before Oversized gave everyone a chance.

Round two, fight! Yoke, Crickets Throw Their Voice, Promise Everything and Covet ran out the clock — the last track thundering with audience participation. They returned to encore with Nirvana's School, leaving the crowd in a blissful haze of "Did that just happen?"