Live Review: B-S-R Valentine's Day

23 February 2015 | 9:30 am | Chloe Mayne

Bitch Prefect were the undeniable highlight of this love-in

An inter-Bass Strait love-in blossomed over the weekend as a troupe of bands crossed shores to present a special Valentine's Day showcase for independent record label Bedroom Suck. The line-up featured a stellar constellation of acts from both sides of the water, a welcome tangling of lines that combined some of Australia's most exciting - though perhaps less widely known - musicians.

After a deliciously riotous foray into the celebrations from All The Weathers, Old Mate plugged in and produced a warbled, slightly tongue-in-cheek brand of drum machine-hop that was filled out with signature twangy vocals. The band have slimmed down to just two members in recent years but their sound is still surprisingly robust. The reins then passed to last minute additions for the evening, Treehouse, who have dug down roots as one of Hobart's most beloved local acts. Their appearances have been few and far between in the past year for geographical reasons, and their brief returns thus garner huge amounts of enthusiasm from a plethora of dedicated fans. Things were stripped back during their set, long jams bubbling and dissolving between the shorter, amped-up garage bursts that they're so well known for.

Keeping the local love trundling, The Native Cats’ frontman Peter Escott was next to take the stage with his solo incarnation. The tightly knit crowd were lucky to hear a number of new, not yet released tracks as well as a sprinkling from his debut LP The Long O, which has been attracting significant attention since its release late last year. Escott is a true gem; his quirky, understated stage presence paralleling his impressive piano prowess and intelligent lyricism. After a pair of strong sets from Pines and Superstar it was over to Totally Mild who, as the name hints, really are mild in sound. That's not to say that it wasn't enjoyable, however; it was smooth as butter, sugary vocals washing back and forth over beached-up guitars.

Bitch Prefect were an undeniable highlight of the evening. Kicking off on the hour of midnight, their rollicking set of pop rambles was met with wild swaying from the audience, many of whom cried lyrics back at the band in a unified chorus of adoration. Their unique brand of Australiana is less about technical ability than it is about raw motivation and the ability to capture the essence of the magical everyday with relatable lyrics and a DIY approach. As the night descended into a healthy spin of boogie with the aid of DJ Summer Babe, cheeks were aflush with a sated Valentine's glow.