Audiofly AF140 In-Ear Monitors

11 December 2015 | 4:26 pm | Staff Writer

"The quality and convenience of the AF140s means good live sound isn’t going to be an issue."

There’s a handful of different ways to absorb music when it comes to a live environment, and perhaps the most intricate is through a pair of in-ear monitors. It can be tough to get good live sound at the best of times, and finding a pair of in-ears that can cope with a variety of different environments can be hard.

Audiofly’s in-ear monitor range takes the technology they mastered with their impressive consumer range and translates that – tweaking it, of course – for performers with the AF140.

Clarity is a must when there’s a flurry of different instruments fighting against one another, and while there’s plenty of definition in their tone, there’s not too much colour pumped through, which allows for a clearer view of the bigger image.

Surprisingly, this also makes them great for general use too, and if you require more of any frequency, you can simply jump into your device's EQ settings and adjust.

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The usual and welcoming Audiofly  accessories are included, with the AF140s coming with a range of ear tips, a number of jack adapters, cleaning utensils and a canvas storage wallet.

The only real criticism relates to how they sit around the ears. The hard, curved plastic cable casings that wrap around your ears aren't pliable and thus don't allow users to blend them to fit the curvatures of their ears, meaning, if your ears don’t already match their design, the in-ears are likely to be dislodged if you’re playing a guitar and the strap tugs on the cable. For most users, this won’t be an issue, but if you tend to get crazy on stage then it might cause some frustration from time to time.

There’s already enough to worry about when it comes to performing, but the quality and convenience of the AF140s means good live sound isn’t going to be an issue – even if your sound guy has no idea what he’s doing.