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Album Review: Ashbury - 'Let's Make A Scene EP'

24 April 2009 | 5:55 pm | Staff Writer
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A pop sounding rock band.

They call themselves a rock band that play pop music; a little bit contradictory but I'll go with it seeing as I class their genre as being 'pop rock'. Having said this, I personally believe a rock band should portray the grungy 80's rock 'n' roll characteristics, the type rockstars Guns n Roses resemble. Pop music on the otherhand sends shivers down my spine and gives me a good enough reason not to listen to mainstream radio.

Without me rambling on, the band in focus right now is Ashbury, a four piece all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada. From the Entertainment Capital of the world and brightest metropolitan area on Earth, Ashbury know that making a scene is what's going to earn recognition. In doing this, they have just brought out there latest EP titled 'Let's Make A Scene'.


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Thrusted into the spotlight early in their formation as a band, Ashbury's first success was being awarded first place in the 'Have a Nice Gig' contest organised by Bon Jovi back in 2006. After the win, Bon Jovi personally invited Ashbury to play with them on their tour. From here, Asbury's discovery was far from contained. With EP 'City Lights' and LP 'Complacency' already under their belts, Asbury are onto their third studio release. 

The EP's first track, 'Off With The Lights', will also be the title of Ashbury's next long play due out in 2010. The song brings together lead singers Brian Lee and bass player/ vocalist Jeremy Lee in harmonious chorouses. The title track is up next where Patrick Martens proves his band plays 'pop music' with dancey drum beats out in force and bouncing off the walls. Rocking riffs slide 'Under Your Skin' lead by Joey Resly on guitar. A love ballad falls under the 'Cold September Rain' joined by a heartfelt voice, strings accompaniment and the powerful, thumping heart of the drums and bass. Ending on a softer note, Ashbury sing 'Figure Me Out'.

When stripped back, some songs on 'Let's Make A Scene' have intricate riffs and bass lines. which seem a little bit out of place on a pop track listing. Either way, I personally feel most pop rock music is repetitive, but I do also recommend checking Ashbury out if it's your kind of scene. In the end everyone will have their own opinion!

1. Off With The Lights

2. Let's Make A Scene

3. Under Your Skin

4. Cold September Rain

5. Figure Me Out