Live Review: Art Vs Science, KLP, Catlips

8 March 2016 | 11:49 am | Aneta Grulichova

"Dan McNamee got into the guitar riff, pulling what can only be described an O-face."

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Perth's Catlips graced the stage with her DJ set, looking like she just rolled out of bed. Chicago house music filled the air as the humble crowd mingled and danced, while Catlips bobbed to her own music with literally no emotion in her face.

The atmosphere changed as KLP as the turned the energy up with her electro tunes and amazing vocals. An early track sounded vocally like a young Kylie Minogue while revenge song Recover blew every one's minds. She ended her set with her new song Air, sending the crowd into a mass of swaying hands and dancing bodies.

Screams filled the air as Art Vs Science took to their instruments, with flashing lights that could send one into an epileptic fit, and launched into Unity. Their energy was high, especially with Jim Finn dancing while he played the keys to Create/Destroy.

The electro-house tunes filled the atmosphere as the crowd danced and sung to AIM Fire! before the robotic vocals were back as the guys got into Chosen One.

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Creepy electro tune Creature Of The Night immersed the crowd, followed by Metallica's Enter Sandman. It was given a funky electro sound and the crowd loved it — even Dan McNamee got into the guitar riff, pulling what can only be described an O-face. With a blown-up condom floating around the air, Magic Fountain sent the crowd into a rave, bodies jumping and swaying.

Friend In The Field was a crowd favourite and the crowd sung along at the top of their lungs, before the groovy electronic sounds of You Got To Stop took over with flashing white, blue and red lights. Finn took of his shirt before launching into Hollywood, with McNamee following, the ladies screamed with delight — definitely easy on the eyes.

The shirts stayed off for the rest of the set, as the guys said their goodbyes to the crowd, giving them their hit Parlez-Vous Francais?, Finn going crazy on the keys with his dance moves while McNamee killed it on guitar.

When we thought it was over Art Vs Science decided to give the crowd one more song, Flippers, that saw funny hand movements and an amazing instrumental finish, before the guys took their bows and even gave a kiss to one lucky lady.