Album Review: Anthony Green - 'Beautiful Things'

6 January 2012 | 3:21 pm | Staff Writer
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Much more interesting the second time around.

Anthony Green. You all know who he is.

For the select few who don’t however here is a quick run down, Saosin, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Circa Survive, all around nice guy and family man with a voice that makes “upper register” seem like an understatement.

On top of all of that, he has also dabbled with solo works, releasing his debut album ‘Avalon’ in 2008 which spawned a brilliant little track called Dear Child (I’ve Been trying To Reach You), but was a bit on the drab side as a record on the whole.

Whilst there has been a rather large gap in his solo releases, Green has been anything but lazy, busying himself by making excellent records with his main project Circa Survive, and writing plenty of solo songs which he claims don’t quite fit the Circa mould. Green will be releasing another solo album later in the year but for now ‘Beautiful Things’ is his latest output.

Those thinking that Green’s solo works are simply Circa rejects will be mistaken as there is a clear difference in the feel and style of the music. One of the main differences is the removal of the veil that the singer hides behind in his main group. ‘Beautiful Things’ is an honest, raw picture of Anthony Green, emotions and experiences out in the open for all to see.

The record begins with one of its more up beat and energetic numbers, If I Don’t Sing, with Green backed by the band Good Old War, who also worked with him on ‘Avalon.’ The mood changes dramatically for the second track, Do It Right, a soft, folk number more reminiscent of his older solo material. In these first two tracks we see a balance between Green as a solo artist and as a member of Circa Survive, almost like familiar ground to ease people into the record before the artist takes hold of the wheel.

The album’s first single, Get Yours While You Can, is a catchy number full of brilliant guitar work supplied by Dave Davison of Maps and Atlases, the first in a series of guest musicians to appear on the record. The album moves from a darkly toned electronic number called When I’m On Pills to the rocking Can’t Have it All At Once before the bright, slightly humorous, dedication to Green’s son Love You No Matter What.

The record rounds out on a duet with Lights titled Just to Feel Alive, a guest vocal performance from fellow Circa member Colin Frangicetto and Blood Song, a gawky country track that is lyrically influenced by the film 'There Will Be Blood,' and seems a little out of place.

‘Beautiful Things’ is a much better record than ‘Avalon,’ mainly due to the deviation in sound and style between the tracks. Green seems to be finding, and experimenting with his comfort zones, as a solo artist, leaving his genre options open and hinting that the best is yet to come.

1. If I Don’t Sing 
2. Do It Right 
3. Moon Song 
4. Get Yours While You Can 
5. When I’m on Pills 
6. Can’t Have It All At Once
7. Big Mistake  
8. Love You No Matter What 
9. How It Goes 
10. Just to Feel Alive 
11. James’ Song 
12. Blood Song
13. Lullaby