Album Review: Anime Fire - 'On the Wings of Hope'

4 March 2009 | 11:36 am | Staff Writer
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Almost but not quite.

Until about two weeks ago I was under the impression that Perth experimental metal band Anime Fire had gone under like a sinking ship.  Apparently not, as the boys had been quite busy preparing for a run of Australia tour dates in support of their second EP titled “On the Wings of Hope”.  Like a few other punters I was somewhat confused by the release prior to this “Where the Wolves fear to tread” which was tarnished by a botched mixing and mastering job. 


Thankfully, second time round these duties were left to Danish guru Tue Madsen (responsible for previous winners including and not limited to The Haunted, August Burns Red and an as of yet unreleased Heaven Shall Burn DVD) and it has truly paid off with a sound rivaling that of any other international release. 

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The first and titled track “On the Wings of Hope” popped up on Myspace a few weeks ago and it was hard not to be siked on it.  It was a lot different to a lot of other bands popping up around the tracks which left me assured that the EP was destined to be a ripper.  Unfortunately, after a few spins it seems like that’s one of the only tracks that has an innovative feel to it.  The last two tracks feel a bit forced with unnecessary filler breakdowns and odd dance bits which is most predominant after an Enter Shikari-ish intro on “Sea of Serpents”

One thing separating Anime Fire from a lot of Australian bands of the same vein is the use of gothic influenced keyboards.  “On The Wings of Hope” exhibits this in good use and makes it feel, and mind the often overused expression “epic”.  There isn’t too much to mention about the final track “Mother of the storm” as it sounds like an off IKTPW/Parkway drive hybrid with keyboard bits over the top.

Starting off strong but struggling a bit towards the finish, Anime Fire has almost pulled off a great release.  With this being said I’m looking forward to how they go on the Cry Murder tour and having these negative thoughts dispelled.

  1. On The Wings Of Hope
  2. Apophis (Destroyer of worlds)
  3. Sea of Serpents
  4. Mother of the Storm