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Live Review: Alison Moyet, Katie Noonan

10 October 2017 | 5:18 pm | Mark Hebblewhite

"Moyet's voice was flawless and she commanded the stage like a boss."

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If Katie Noonan was nervous about performing in front of a crowd amped up on nostalgia and with only one performer in mind she didn't show it.

Admitting that Moyet was not only a huge influence but a childhood idol she launched into Falling Into A Lie and followed up with Sweet One, a tune co-written with the indefatigable Sia. Over a compact 40 minutes Noonan showed her class and elegance as a songwriter and performer and no doubt left the stage having won over some new hearts.

You might not think it, but Alison Moyet is hilarious. After missing her cue for the set opener, she shrugged her shoulders and asked the crowd for a re-do - ("bollocks" I believe was her actual sentiment), which of course only endeared her further to the Gen X hordes in attendance who'd shown their devotion by turning up on a school night.

While the sophisticated soulful stylings of her later albums were greeted warmly (in particular the sombre Ski and The Rarest Birds, Moyet's fist in the air to diversity and tolerance) it was her "disco" - to use Moyet's words - anthems that the crowd reserved their loudest cheers for. Yazoo standards Nobody's Diary, Only You, Situation and of course the monumental Don't Go were rewarded with grooving bodies, while Moyet's own Love Resurrection received similar admiration.

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A left-field cover of Whispering Your Name capped off a wonderful performance from Moyet, who continues to deliver the goods after decades in the game. Whether it was her high energy dance tunes or soulful, adult-oriented pop standards Moyet's voice was flawless and she commanded the stage like a boss. For many Moyet remains a curiosity from the '80s but it's clear she has remained an artist of substance and grace who will hopefully continue to flourish in the years to come.